Environmental Responsibility

Our custom and gold karat jewelry are made-to-order, while non-custom jewelry are made in small batches to prevent overproduction. 

A selection of our chains are made from 100% recycled silver.


Our Packaging

We make mindful decisions for our packaging to be as sustainable as possible. We are committed to using less plastic and unnecessary extra packaging materials. 
Our jewelry boxes are eco-friendly: composed of a mix of residues from organic products (reduces the amount the wood pulp being used) and beautifully binded with a water-based glue. Our inserts are made of FSC® certified paper, which replaces the traditional foam inserts that are made from plastics, such as polyurethane.

Being conscious of excessive packaging and brand materials, our paper items, such as the jewelry boxes, cards, tissue paper, and shipping boxes are marked with “FSC” (Forest Stewardship Council®) - meaning no more wood is being cut down outside of the FSC forest.